I'm Famous in Japan!

I’m Famous in Japan! follows the Lone Wolf and company as they foray to the land of the rising sun, Japan, on a promotional tour.  And they’re doing it manga style thanks to the art of Mark “Rawr” Egan of RAWRtacular.com

Be prepared to see an entire genre mercilessly mocked and an entire country turned upside down by the insane antics of a bumbling celebrity super hero!

I’m Famous in Japan! is a spin-off of I’m Famous!, which is itself a spin-off of Black Snow.  The Lone Wolf is an irrepressible force that was so fun he had to have his own title, two titles in fact!  I’m Famous in Japan! came about over a friendship over the internet that blossomed into a collaboration between 3 men a world apart.  Alex and Michael are born and raised in sunny San Jose, California, while Mark Egan is an Irish born manga artist who spent some time in China and currently resides Oslo, Norway.  After 10 years of Black Snow Comics consisting of only the Michael/Alex duo Mark has broken through to become the 3rd member of the group.

Also be sure to check out Mark’s other webcomic Back Office.

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