Detective Redmond

Detective Redmond

Real Name: Detective Virgil Redmond

Superhero Name: none

Age: early 40s

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 240lbs

Job: Special Police Unit, 1st in Command

Powers: He has the head of a damn dog! He also has heightened senses.

Brief Description:  Detective Redmond is a rough and tough, take no guff, overly verbose man who has recently transferred to the Detroit police department from Chicago to lead up the special superpower task force.  Despite the slight deformity of having a DOG’S HEAD instead of a human one, Redmond tries to lead a normal life and demands to be treated as such.  He is a somewhat controversial figure because he is an “abnormal” who would normally be a superhero, but has chosen a life of public service on the force.  Redmond appears to feel no conflict, though he is basically leading the charge against his own kind. Brad Teach has a major prejudice against him, perhaps because Redmond conjures up all of Brad’s unresolved issues with his brother, Black Snow.