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Black Snow: Too much sour in here.

Eric: The kid is done patrolling.

Black Snow: Great.

Lightning Lad: Black Snow!

Black Snow: Lightning Lad. How....how goes it?

Lightning Lad: Like a city of ghosts. The regular scum and ruffians are out, but other than that it’s quiet. The bank explosion was a shock to everyone. Nobody knew. Nobody.

BS: Hm. Well. That’s the most irrelevant thing I’ve heard all night.

Lightning Lad: No, listen to my next news. I spoke to the man with the Hawaiian shirt. He says he knows who was behind it.

Eric: That was quick.

BS: Someone hiring us to look into this?

Lightning Lad: I thought perhaps an exception could be made. My father sent me to learn from you. So far our cases have been scaring off drunks for frightened women.

BS: Frightened women pay.

Lightning Lad: I thought perhaps we could...could do what’s right.

Eric: That’s a novel idea.