↓ Transcript
Marie: I’m sorry…Are you Black Snow?

Black Snow: You wouldn’t ask that if you didn’t already know.

Marie: Honestly I have no idea who you are. I looked you up online but there were no pictures…

Black Snow: Well I-

Marie: And your costume…it says “Anti-Hero”…Does that mean you’re against heroes….?

Black Snow: What? No! Listen lady, I’m several sheets to the wind, but I’m not so drunk that we’re going to discuss the meaning of “anti-hero”.

Marie: Well, I’m grateful for that much, I suppose.

Black Snow: Now…How can I help you?

Marie looks around the decrepit state of the office.

Marie: Honestly, I’m not sure anymore….

Black Snow: Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to judge a book by its cover? Or your third grade teacher or…

Black Snow trails off, grabs his head, massive headache.

Black Snow: One second, I think I’m about to throw up.