↓ Transcript
Marie watches in horror. Nothing happens.

Black Snow: Now. How can I help you?

Marie: I was told…I was told you were a man I can trust. And that you knew the Lone Wolf well.

Black Snow: Who in the hell said that?

Marie: Jefferson Bacchus.

Black Snow: What kind of made up name is that!

Marie: Your former associate Lightning Man. He vouched for you. ARE YOU BLACK SNOW?

Black Snow: Jefferson Bacchus. That’s ridiculous. I always figured his name was Greg…Or Paul…

Marie: LISTEN TO ME. I have a problem. And I want to know if you can help me. And if you can’t I intend to leave this filthy office, in this filthy neighborhood, and speak to someone more couth!

Black Snow: I’m at your service. Do me a favor and stop screaming though.

Marie: Do you know who I am? Do you recognize me, I mean?

Black Snow: Yes. You’re from the TV.

Marie: …Yes. I’m a reporter.