↓ Transcript
Marie: A journalist, really. My team puts together the hard hitting stuff, not the usual prime-time drivel about killer bees or cute girl kidnappings-

Black Snow: Oh yeah…I remember your thing on cats. That was great shit. Well done.

Marie: FERAL CATS. An infestation of feral cats in the tenth largest city in the United States.

Black Snow: Lady, Detroit is eleventh now. San Jose stole our spot. I still remember the day I found out. (Black Snow looks wistful) Anyway…

Marie: I have been investigating something you might find quite shocking. My producers are on the verge of firing me for this. The police have laughed in my face. Other…others of your…persuasion have refused to speak to me.

Black Snow: Oh wow, this is interesting. I’m the last on a long list. Tell me more.

Marie: I think the Lone Wolf is crooked.