Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is the connection between the graphic novel, Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum, and the original 6 comic books?
A: Consider the comic books source material and Two Drink Minimum the official relaunch of the series. Black Snow 2.0 if you will.

Q: So the comics books mean nothing now?
A: You could look at it that way. Certainly many of the elements from the comic books are brought back in the graphic novel. Think of them as a dry run or rough draft.

Q: Why did you reboot the comic?
A: We weren’t happy with the original and thought we could do it better, which unfortunately meant starting over.

Q: What is different about the relaunch?
A: Hopefully a more mature and less convoluted plot, better art and an overall higher quality from the very beginning. Oh, also a more accurate representation of Detroit and less stupidty.

Q: So is this it? Will this be canon? Will there be more relaunches?
A: This is it, as far as I’m concerned. Alex and I certainly have no intention of ever relaunching things again, and have a story planned that will span several graphic novels.

Q: When and where is the story set?
A: Modern day (2011) Detroit.

Q: Why Detroit? Are you from Detroit?
A: Both Alex and I are from sunny San Jose, CA…a far cry from Detroit, MI. So why did we choose Detroit? This is actually the most common question we’re asked. Because it is a facinating city that is not represented enough in entertainment, in my opinion. Originally we choose it in the late 90s because of it’s reputation for violence and the high murder rate. If any city in America needs a super hero, it is Detroit. Over the last decade the city has somewhat reduced its crime/murder, but some of that can be attributed to the fact that most of the car factories have shut down and residents have fled. It is now a strange place full of abandoned, decaying buildings. I could go on…