My Fox

Nicole, webcomic character

Lone Wolf notes in italics:

  Hi. My name’s Nicole. I’m not sure why I am doing this (because I told you to!). I thought peer pressure kind of went away after High School. If you’ve met the Lone Wolf then you know this is wrong. I understand they’re making a movie about him, which is great and all, his book was wonderful and he’s a real nice (albeit strange) man, I’m just not sure what I have to do with anything. We met by chance. On his flight to LA. The flight got a little crazy. Homeland Security detained us. Since we went through that “baptism of fire” (I prefer the expression “washed in the blood of the lamb”) together the Lone Wolf has insisted that I am part of his entourage.

  I understand his weird little friend Eric (she has him pegged!) has written me into the script for the movie. I hope they get a pretty actress to play me, but I have a suspicion I will end up as Hillary Swank (she’s beautiful), or that lady who looks like a slightly younger Meryl Streep. Anyway, a little bit about me: I love super-heroes. My dad wanted a boy (ick!), so he didn’t raise me to enjoy flowers and girly stuff, instead he gave me comics and football. I am a regular at Comic-Con and have been trying to write a comic for the past few years. The problem is I just can’t draw.

  It’s about a powerful woman living in the land of the dinosaurs but with a twist- the dinosaurs are all insane drunks. I’m about halfway through the script of the second issue. Imagine my thrill when the Lone Wolf sat next to me on the plane. A real super-hero, in the flesh. Shortly after that he accidentally knocked out my glass eye. I always forget to mention this! My dad took me hunting and therein is the accident that took out my eye occurred. I was only sixteen, so I’ve been living with it for a good long while. I think it’s pretty hard to tell that I have a glass eye. Unless someone knocks it out in public.

  My favorite food is slow roasted prime rib, my favorite show is a tie between Friends and LOST. I like to watch tennis. The Lone Wolf is coming over in five minutes. What does he expect me to wear? (I expect you to wear a silver dress, low neckline, with a ruby garnet around your beautiful white throat)