My Ghost (Apparently NOT Nostradamus)

Rasputin, webcomic character

Lone Wolf notes in italics:

  Hello. My name is Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin (never so much as introduced himself to me when he invaded my room-home), though I am known in perpetuity as Rasputin. Many fools tried to kill me, using the poison, the gun, the river. All this failed. The red violent chaos I have escaped. I died an old man, on the banks of the Volga with my wife and children at the age of 99.

  The fools hated me because I helped a poor boy, Tsarevich Alexei, but it was they who were fools, the nobility of the mud and filth (this creepy man has a true way with words). My purpose was larger than personal gain. My purpose is the fate of the world itself (worth saving? you tell me).

  I have no time to be writing this, there is no time. You must find the Beautiful Cyclops (done), the Dark One (perhaps he means Rufus), and….the Vampire (perhaps he means Rufus), I believe. I knew a few Vampires back in Siberia. Some good, some bad. Just like people.