Rosenstein’s Dog

Rufus, webcomic character

  Did Daniel have to do this? Yes? Let me tell you a few things about Daniel. Daniel is a snake in the grass. Daniel is a land shark, a man who takes what he wants. That includes my darling wife, Sophie. I met Sophie at the University of Texas, when we were both Pre-Law. In those days with all the unrest, civil rights and the like, the South was a real dangerous place.

  I guess I found my own little piece of heaven in Sophie, and when she told me about her foolish dream to become a movie star, I raised no alarm, voiced no reservations. I followed my darling to the cesspool that is the greater Los Angeles area. And lo, though her career ended with a Chips A-Hoy commercial and guest appearance on Growing Pains (she was the one who gave Kirk Cameron his first Bible), we stayed.

  It was there I met Mr. Rosenstein, who took a shine to my “portly frame and brillow pad rat’s nest” and demanded I assume the role of something akin to a butler mixed with a CFO. Rosenstein pays me promptly, so I might always have expenses to fritter away on my dear Sophie.

I have even put off the quest to find my long missing brother, abandoned during a family vacation somewhere in the Detroit Metropolitan area to tend to Sophie’s increasingly extravagant lifestyle. Anyway, I have forgotten to elaborate on Daniel. One day I will see him dead.

  Lone Wolf Note:

  My Word! This dog is a wretched dog indeed! This bio was given to him simply to please his master, my dear friend the Rosenstein! Instead he wastes my times and YOURS talking about my best friend, the one, the only, Daniel, the Hollywood Man. Simply foul! Rufus is simply foul! I daresay one day I will see him dead!