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  I will permit you the honor of reading selected passages from my new autobiographical book, I’M FAMOUS!

  I had previously told the Maharaja that I would be unable to attend his soiree under the premise that I’d been detained in Singapore, though in actuality I find his little get-togethers to be quite wearisome and never had any intention of traveling outside of the states. Unfortunately I was heavily featured on the live news that night after thwarting a rather dimwitted Detroit ne’er-do-well. Ol’ Raja called me up fuming!

  I find Costco to be ridiculous. It is unfathomably large! And it seems they will let almost anyone become a club member! During my time in the Free Masons we…

  I was misquoted. I never said “bigger than Jesus.” The correct quotation was “better than Jesus,” though I will admit to not being very familiar with his work.

  The Nazis are misunderstood and judged rather harshly. People tend to fixate on one, one mind you, little facet of their overall program. They tend to conveniently forget much of the contributions they made to…

  But I digress.

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