My Slave

The Wolf Pack, webcomic character

  My name be the Wolf Pack. I am the sidekick to the super hero the Lone Wolf. He is from Detroit, and so am I.

  Lone Wolf edit: This bio is simply the worst! The Wolf Pack has some how forgotten his life story. To be brief, but not so brief one would think I am of the idiot-caste, I have raised the Wolf Pack as my own after discovering him as an orphan, his parents foully murdered by some ugly ruffians. Eventually I knew I would like to make use of him so I injected my own wolf-like blood into him, granting him certain powers he has yet to put to any good use at all!

  The Wolf Pack should lose some weight, but he does understand that I need my tea every hour on the hour. I am a fair man. I will not fault him for that. The Wolf Pack is like a son to me, but more like Cain (of the Bible) than Abel (of the Bible). These bios have been a disaster! Like the Chernobyl.

The Wolf Pack