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Daniel: Listen, he misunderstood. You can go to LA if you want. But honestly kid, if I were you, I'd look at this as a chance to break free,
Wolf Pack: What do you mean?
Daniel: Being treated like garbage in LA is much the same as being treated like garbage in Detroit.
Wolf Pack: I not be garbage!
Listen, that's not what I meant. And I think you know that. God I hope you know that.
Wolf Pack: Garbage be rancid.
Daniel: I don't like the way he treats you. He treats you like a dog. If I were you, I'd leave the son of a bitch to carry his own bags up the stairs.
Wolf Pack: But I be an orphan. He took me in when no one would. He raised me. As his own.
Daniel: He did?
Wolf Pack: He...He says he did.
Daniel: He also said he wrote part of the Bible. The "Last Part".
Wolf Pack: ...