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Rosenstein: This is my favorite hotel, Mr. Lone Wolf. I am very jealous I myself am not a patron.
Lone Wolf: It is quite large! Is there room service?
Rosenstein: Oh by the Gods, yes, delicious room service, do you not agree Rufus?
Rufus: I wish to agree sir, but I have never stayed at this hotel.
Rosenstein: Walk away now. Count to three hundred, then return with a Wild Cherry Pepsi. On the rocks.
Rufus: Your will be done, sir.
Rosenstein: Rufus is a good man, but often forgets himself. As I was saying, there is room service, and the hotel is haunted.
Lone Wolf: Haunted? By Ghosts?
Rosenstein: Yes, the very same. Good night to you. We have a long day tomorrow.