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Rasputin: The quest remains in peri-
Black Snow: Listen asshole, I know you've been telling the Lone Wolf the same mumbo jumbo. I want to know why.
Rasputin: Insolent worm! Silence that tone. You know what you know at my behest. This is not a game of egos, this is the fate of the known universe at stake and you-
Black Snow: Why would you or any other spirit talk to that idiot? In case you haven't noticed he is an INSANE IDIOT. What makes you think he can help?
Rasputin: His name was written in the Fates long before I lived and died. He, just as you, have been Chosen for this task.
Black Snow: I'd rather not be associated with that idiot. Good luck with your-
Rasputin: FOOL! You will journey to the City of Angels and you will help the Lone Wolf.
Black Snow: But...I like Detroit.
Rasputin: Then you will love Hell on Earth. Which you shall have. Death, chaos, destruction... Or help the Lone Wolf. The choice is yours.