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Daniel: He didn't answer sir.

Rosenstein: No matter. Let's get down to business. I hereby declare the first meeting of I'm Famous: The Lone Wolf Story:The Film in session. Opening remarks by me. Any Questions?

Eric: Who will be directing?

Rosenstein: Excellent question! I don't know! Who are you again, young man?

Eric: I'm...the screenwriter, Eric Pardal?

Rosenstein: Of course you are! I had forgotten. Do you perchance want to take the lead then? What is your vision?

Eric: I was thinking a kind of satire on the super-hero genre. But, not too comical, something that takes its audience seriously.

Rosenstein: I feel I've seen that before. I'd rather see explosions. Are there explosions in satire? The people want explosions, and lots of them, son. CAN YOU DELIVER?

Eric writes on paper: Get me out of here! WTF? EXPLOSIONS Lunacy