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Rosenstein: Let's go over casting. What do we got? Who do we got? Who are the characters in this damn movie anyway?

Lone Wolf: Well I, the Lone Wolf, am the star. There will be many females to be cast. They will be my lovelies.

Rosenstein: Alright, lets start throwing out names. Christian Bale, Rob Lowe, Seth Green-

Lone Wolf: Wait, wait, who are these men? These men are not me. I am the Lone Wolf.

Daniel: You're not an actor. This is a film. It needs actors.

Lone Wolf: Poppycock! I will play myself.

Daniel: The hell you will!

Rosenstein: Silence Daniel! Let me handle this. Mr. Wolf? No.

Lone Wolf: I thought we were friends!

Rosenstein: We are friends, you beautiful fool. And I'd never let a friend of mine star in a FILM ABOUT HIMSELF. Simply outrageous! Now drink your Wild Cherry Pepsi and be still...

My beating heart.