Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us with your stupid questions and we’ll make fun of them.

Q: Which came first, the I’M FAMOUS! or the Black Snow??
A: Ah, the eternal question with no true answer. Oh wait, it was Black Snow by about eight years.

Q: When does this take place in relation to the Black Snow comic books?
A: Shocking! A good question! Now a bad answer. I don’t know. Mostly it seems to be a prequel to the comic books, but then there are some things that seem to indicate that it takes place after. Go figure. This may seem like a cop out, because it is, but the best way to view I’M FAMOUS! is that it takes place in an alternate universe than Black Snow. Yeah they have many of the same characters, but what happens in one isn’t necessarily going to be part of the canon of the other. Really you should probably just not take it so seriously.

Q: Why is the Wolf Pack so different from his portrayal in Black Snow?
A: I’d ask you to look at the above answer. Yes, I’ll concede that he is pretty much the opposite in terms of attitude and demeanor, but even I couldn’t tell you exactly why. We took I’M FAMOUS! as an opportunity to reboot some of our characters and start some things over, and I guess the Wolf Pack was one of them.

Q: Why isn’t Eric the Anti-Nazi anymore?
A: As I just mentioned we chose to start over with several ideas and one was definitely the Anti-Nazi. We’ve had some regrets about this character for quite awhile and blame his creation on our poor teenage judgment. Now as adults the absurdity of the joke has become a major annoyance, especially since Eric has become one of most featured and popular characters. We took this opportunity to revamp his look and evolve his character, hopefully retaining what people like about him and dumping what made him ridiculous.

Q: Is the Lone Wolf really crazy?
A: Is he insane or just incredibly eccentric? You can judge that for yourself.

Q: Does the Lone Wolf ever do anything super, like stop crime or use powers?
A: Everything he does is super! But really, if you are asking this then you’re probably missing the point.

Q: Why did Rasputin appear to the Lone Wolf? What does that have to do with anything?
A: Patience my child. All will be revealed in due time.

Q: Is the Lone Wolf racist?
A: All signs point to yes. But he is likely too unstable to realize it.

Q: Is the Lone Wolf gay or bi?
A: You people are weird, thinking of such things. I think the Lone Wolf is asexual.