What the hell am I looking at?  Well sir (or madam (yeah right)), you are reading my webcomic which takes a lighthearted look at all the disappointments of being a young adult. 

Particularly being a young adult male in modern America.  I’ve heavily researched this subject by being a young man (relatively young, I was born in 1983.  Shut up.) in San Jose, CA, which is in fact a city in the United States of America.

Oh, and I am not a teddy bear.  This is not a comic strip about me.  Though it kind of is.  Confused yet?  So am I.

And that’s what this comic is really about.  Being confused.  Weren’t we all told that we were special growing up?  That we could be or do anything?  That life would be great if we went to college and worked hard?

So what happened, goddamn it!  Why didn’t anyone warn the kids about the truth?  That’s why I’m here, to tell the kids that life sucks.  It’s true, you kids of all ages.  You are not special and you never were.  Everyone lied.  Life is unfair, meaningless and short.

Now let’s laugh about it.  Follow the life and times of Filo the teddy bear and friends as they learn all these terrible truths for themselves.  Now smile.

Your Hero,

Michael Balistreri